Schengen visas can take up to two months for Omanis who want to go to Europe for work or vacation, making it difficult and expensive to plan their trip.

The COVID-19 outbreak, according to local travel brokers, is to blame for the sudden uptick in interest in flying to Europe.

For two years, the majority of international travel was halted due to coronavirus, according to Travel Point’s Faiyaz Khan, general manager. As a result of the relaxation of travel restrictions, demand for visas has skyrocketed, and visa processing centers are at capacity.

No short-term appointments in Greece, according to a recent returnee from Europe. Although he made arrangements with the French visa processing center to obtain his Schengen visa, he had to go to Paris, spend a day there, and then fly to Greece.

As long as you’ve applied for a Schengen visa for a specific nation, you must enter Europe through that country alone, Khan said. “Some immigration officers may let you travel directly to your chosen country,” he added. Customers are advised not to violate visa rules by us.

In order to enter the Schengen Area, travelers must have a confirmed hotel reservation, round-trip airline tickets, proof of travel insurance, and other financial documentation. Prior to getting visa appointments, travelers are need to purchase tickets.

With appointments beginning on June 23, France has one of the quickest visa processing times in Oman.

Before August 2, visitors to Germany must book an appointment.

Appointment requests made online are met with a message that reads, “No appointment slots are now available, please try another application center if relevant.”

July 18 is the first day Austrians can apply for a Schengen visa; those flying to the Netherlands must wait another eight days, on July 26. All of Spain’s June spots have been taken.

The British government recognizes that visas are taking longer to process. Standard visitor visa applications take six weeks to process, according to UK Visas and Immigration. “We’re working hard to reach the three-week deadline.”

As a general rule, the processing time for a UK transit visa can take up to six weeks, while the processing time for study and work visas can take longer. Processing a family visa in the United Kingdom can take up to 24 weeks.

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