Crown Princess Katherine was thanked for her decades of service to Serbia by the Serbian Royal Medical Board this week. The Serbian Princess has strived to improve the country’s healthcare system in the past thirty years. Since 2001, she’s been living permanently in Serbia with Crown Prince Alexander, and her work has accelerated.

According to the Serbian Royal Medical Board, “over the last three decades, Crown Princess Katherine has invested a large part of herself, with her inherent energy, determination, and perseverance, to help the people of Serbia.” In this way, she inspires….to help her achieve these humanitarian goals for the benefit of our country.”

Everything is under the control of the HRH Crown Princess Katherine Foundation, that has offices all over the world and raises funds for the people of Serbia. Donated equipment, renovation, and reconstruction have cost more than 15 million euros to it.

The main objectives of the organisation have been divided into three categories: The eagerness to procure medical equipment, to rebuild, and strengthen Serbia’s healthcare system.

Previously, the goal was to attract doctors from other countries to share best practices and new methods with Serbian medical practitioners, as well as to train and exchange knowledge with fellow personnel. The overall goal is to keep enhancing the efficiency of Serbian healthcare services.

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