Poland may become the core of a global supply chain system that has been disrupted by the conflict in Ukraine and the coronavirus epidemic, according to Mateusz Morawiecki, the Polish prime minister.

The worldwide economic recovery has been hampered by component and material supply shortages caused by the ongoing war in Ukraine and Covid-19 lockdowns.

However, Morawiecki believes this opens the door to possibilities for the Polish economy. “Poland may be the key link in the supply chains that are just being reconstructed,” Mr. Morawiecki said during a visit to Pruszkow near Warsaw on Wednesday. “I mentioned it at Davos (at the World Economic Forum – PAP) in Switzerland.”

Minister Morawiecki explained that the Polish economy had remained robust throughout the pandemic owing to government assistance.

“All of this adds up to make our economic system more durable than other economies that I had the opportunity to monitor during my trip to Davos,” he clarified.

“I can see that Polish businesses are prepared for this tough period we’re in,” he said.

“Poland doesn’t want to be just a subcontractor,” he added. “We have to invent our own solutions if we don’t want to be an assembler of other people’s initiatives.”

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