Saint Marteen Prime Minister Silveria Jacobs recently took part in an important cooperation conference with the new Prefect delegate for the regions of Saint Matin, Vincent Berton and St Barths. 

The objective of the meeting was to discuss the existing health scenario relating to Covid in the country and collaboration on other important matters. 

There were talks regarding the Covid situation on both sides of the island, which was relatively stable with little to no severe casualties. 

The Territorial Director of ARS Paul Guibert remarked that both CPS and ARS will continue to collaborate and cooperate to ensure the protection of public health. 

Regarding water distribution, both parties decided to collaborate for sustainable and uninterrupted water supply to both countries. Both the parties were also making preparations for the hurricane season which is around the corner and plan to conduct meetings for synchronized public announcements. 

Discussion regarding cooperation regarding the Quadriparite Corporation was also held and the meeting was concluded on an amicable note to provide a better quality of governance to the people of the region. 

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