The Lebanon Health Ministry is on high alert for possible infection of Monkeypox creeping into the country.

The health officials in Lebanon said in a statement on Wednesday that they are examining potential patients and keeping track of their contact information. Samples from the suspected monkeypox patients have been taken and are sent to a laboratory in France for examination.

The Health Ministry went on to explain that the Monkeypox infection is a contagious disease that causes blisters on the hands and face. It is much similar to what we have witnessed in the past as smallpox. Fortunately, Monkeypox is much less severe.

The incubation period is between 5 and 21 days, according to health officials, and contagions are recommended to stay at home if symptoms are mild or go to the hospital if they are sick.

There are currently more than 1,600 cases in 29 countries outside of Africa reported by the World Health Organization (WHO).

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