PM Bennett and Health Minister Horowitz met with health officials on Wednesday and agreed not to enforce any more limitations on the use of antiviral medications.

Hours after coronavirus expert Salman Zarka said that Israel may need a fifth dose of the vaccine, the news that there would be no urgent policy change was announced.

According to Health Ministry numbers issued Wednesday morning, 4,585 new coronavirus cases were confirmed Tuesday, raising the total to 19,221.

There has been an uptick in the number of infected Knesset members, as evidenced by the latest testing of four lawmakers.

1.19 was the morning’s rate of transmission on Wednesday. Any number above 1 indicates that COVID-19 is spreading. After nearly two months below 1, it began to increase in mid-May.

Face masks should be worn indoors and at gatherings, according to a panel of health officials who spoke Tuesday. The team didn’t target elderly and at-risk populations.

Facial masks will continue to be required for medical reasons.

Monitoring infection rates in the sewage system will also be done.

The virus czar Zarka said it appeared to be the start of a fresh wave of infections.

Zarka told a medical conference on Wednesday that Israel is starting a new coronavirus wave, BA.5.

The Omicron BA.5 subvariant caused the recent outbreak in South Africa.

While the health advisory team hasn’t yet advocated for a fifth dosage of vaccination, Zarka said health officials are considering administering the vaccine to select groups of the population.

Anyone over the age of five should have booster doses, according to the medical staff. Health care workers should be immunized a total of three times, according to the report.

Nachman Ash will approve the recommendations.

Even if the number of cases has decreased, Zarka has returned to his job as head of the national pandemic response.

He predicted that by September or October, Israel’s population will be at risk.

It was recently considered that a fifth round of COVID-19 vaccines could be scheduled before the onset of winter.

Ash said it will be tough to persuade people to receive a fifth vaccination.

Most limitations on coronavirus transmission in Israel have been relaxed, with the exception of mandatory isolation and the use of masks in medical facilities for those who test positive.

Health professionals have been discussing minimizing seclusion in recent times. On Wednesday, the Kan national broadcaster stated that if the situation worsens, discussions might be terminated.

The number of students taking exams on Tuesday was 22,501, which was a decrease from previous rounds. One-fifth of the samples were found to be positive.

There were 89 individuals who were seriously ill, and of those, 21 were critically ill. There have been 10,867 people killed as a result of the pandemic.

There are 6,710,751 Israelis who have received two immunizations, 4,495,771 who have received three, and 813,632 who have received four.

Coronavirus cases have not dramatically increased in the West Bank and Gaza Strip.

132 confirmed active infections were reported by the Palestinian Authority’s health ministry on Wednesday. Testing for coronaviruses in Palestine frequently lags behind the spread of the virus.

Since the outbreak began, 582,495 Palestinians have been infected with coronavirus; 5,356 have died.

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