Portugal continues to have the largest average daily fatality rate in the European Union, and the second-highest in the world.

Our World in Data, a statistical website has revealed that in the European Union, Portugal has the highest number of new cases of SARS-CoV-2 infection per million inhabitants in the past seven days, and is the world’s second-highest in the world using the same metric.

The daily average of new infections per million dwellers in Portugal is 2,290, followed by Ireland (636), Germany (533), Italy (448), and France (435).

Taiwan has the highest average of new daily infections (3,300) among countries and territories with over one million residents, followed by Portugal (2,290), Australia (1,920), New Zealand (1,520), and Panama (712).

Furthermore, Portugal has the largest amount of new deaths per day attributed to covid-19 in the European Union (3.17), followed by Finland (3.14), Ireland (2.12), Greece (1.97), and Italy (1.68).

Looking at regions and nations with over one million inhabitants, Iceland has the greatest daily average of new mortalities to covid-19 (12.78). Trailing Iceland are Portugal, Finland, New Zealand (2.45), and Ireland.

In the European Union, the average number of new infections per million inhabitants is 337 while the number of new fatalities per day is 1.15.

The global average of new infections is 69, and the rate of new mortalities associated with Covid-19 is 0.21.

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