Derek Ramsamooj, a political analyst based in Trinidad, who wanted to leave the CARICOM country was rushed to a hospital on Sunday via an ambulance on account of high fever and headaches. 

He has been detained by the Suriname government for more than 75 days and did not return his United Kingdom or Trinidad passport. 

His wife wrote to Dr. Amery Browne, the Foreign and CARICOM Affairs Minister of Trinidad and Tobago, in January, claiming that her spouse was denied by the government of Suriname his freedom to travel inside CARICOM. 

The president of Suriname, at the end of the CARICOM inter-sessional summit, remarked that his case would be dealt with by the court in the following weeks. 

However, his wife contended that the legal process was delayed and didn’t reach any conclusion. 

Although the judge criticized the investigation, he didn’t make any effort to provide Derek with the level of treatment he was undergoing in the UK

Furthermore, doctors are repeatedly advising a move to the UK citing a lack of proper medical infrastructure in the country to meet his needs. Ramsamooj went on a hunger strike in 2020 when the authorities didn’t give him a reason for his detention. 

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