Poland’s Health Minister, Adam Niedzielski, has stated that monkeypox is not an epidemic of the same order as coronavirus, and there are presently no cases in Poland.

“We’re dealing with a hazard or a danger that is of an entirely different sort and scale,” Niedzielski added during a news conference on Monday.

“In terms of the transmissibility of the disease, its potential severity, and its course, we took into account the possible immunization of the population since we had a basic pox vaccine. Everyone was vaccinated until the 1980s.”

He also stated that there are no known cases of the disease in Poland, adding that one individual who was initially suspected has now been confirmed as clean. He also said that vaccines had been provided to medical personnel.

“For now, we feel that a thousand shots should be enough,” he added.

“I don’t think you’ll remember it in a few months,” he continued.

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