The Polish minister of health, Adam Niedzielski announced on Monday that the EU has reached an agreement to purchase nearly 100,000 monkeypox vaccine vials out of which Poland will get 1,100 for health workers taking care of infected people. 

The health minister was questioned about the European Union’s acquisition of smallpox jabs and who is eligible to receive it first in Poland in a press conference.

Mr. Niedzielski said, “I was privileged to meet with the health ministers of the EU last week in Luxembourg and the chief of HERA (agency responsible for epidemic control), the Commissioner for Health and Food Safety, Stella Kyriakides furnished us with the information about preparedness for fighting the outbreak.”

“The Eu has endorsed an agreement for about 100,000 jabs for the entire European nations and we requested for 1,100 for health workers caring for monkeypox patients,” he continued. 

According to the minister, there are 6 verified infections in Poland and 5 have been admitted into hospital. “Efforts are ongoing to validate another 6 persons. So, that brings the total to 11 persons.”

Both presumed and verified monkeypox are mandatorily quarantined in hospitals due to the modified regulations on transmissible illnesses that came into effect in May.

Monkeypox is an infrequent illness in animals that can be transferred to humans. It is predominantly found in central and western Africa. The signs of infection include skin rashes that begins from the face and disseminates all over the body, headaches, and fever. Infections have been reported in Sweden, Austria, the UK, Portugal, Italy, Belgium, Spain, Switzerland, Germany. 

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