According to PAP publications, Poland has forwarded a draft joint letter to the European Commission on the renegotiation of contractual agreements for Covid-19 jabs to interested EU member states.

On the strategy of Poland, a videoconference with EU health ministers on the contract negotiation for Covid-19 jabs was held on May 18. Representatives from the majority of European union member states participated.

Adam Niedzielski, Poland’s Health Minister, stated that a dozen or thereabouts EU nations, including Poland, have indicated a wish to make European Commission jabs contracts more versatile.

Niedzielski stated in April that Poland had notified the EC and Pfizer that as a result of unforeseeable circumstances related to the admittance of Ukrainian people fleeing the war to Polish territory, Poland had refused to accept and pay for additional Covid-19 vaccines. Niedzielski went on to say that Poland was “displeased, with both the attitude of the producers and the Commission,” with the former “displaying no adaptability.”

The EU nations agreed to prepare and sign a communiqué to the European Commission. The Polish Ministry of Health prepared the letter based on the requests presented at the meeting.

Poland’s discussions for the modifications included the slowdown of the epidemic as well as the fact that manufacturers were to provide completely new, reconfigured multivariate jabs starting this year.

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