The Philippines improved from 57th to 33rd in the COVID-19 recovery. Philippines and Vietnam had “best” COVID-19 infection control in May, according to a press release.

In 2021, the Philippines rose from 103rd to 57th, tied with Tajikistan.

Philippines rated 33rd out of 89 countries in May, behind Switzerland (38), Israel (44), New Zealand (75), Singapore (79), the UK (58), Canada (60), Japan (53), Australia and Hong Kong (71), and the US (89).

Health officials praised BIDA and Prevent, Detect, Isolate, and Treat (PDITR) for their effectiveness.

New COVID-19 sub-variants were discovered, identified, and isolated, according to the DOH.

“As the present administration comes to a close, we are sure that the next government and its Secretary of Health will sustain or even improve our New Normal recovery.”

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