The COVID-19 vaccine’s third dosage is no longer considered a booster. It is now included in the core anti-coronavirus defense strategy.

This dose has been delivered in Peru on November 26, 2021.

Due to the debut of the Omicron type in December the year before, the Health ministry (Minsa) agreed to lower the waiting period to just 3 months.

“Many people seem to believe that only two dosages are required, but this is incorrect. Our antibodies can be lowered (over time) with only 2 doses; we have to give an additional dose, the third, to boost protection and guard against a new variety that could invade the nation “Maria Elena Martinez, Director of Vaccinations at Minsa.

The official informed individuals that the government has issued a rule requiring anybody over the age of 18 to have received a third dose before entering confined locations, whether public or private.

“According to our data, citizens have displayed a great deal of ease and optimism. To reach out to the public, we are using all access methods. We are at a specified interval of time than those who got the first and second dosages, which were given over the course of 21 days.”, the expert elaborated.

“We are currently in the third dose phase, with immunization coming after 3 months, and a fourth dose coming after 5 months,” she continued.

The Immunization Director of the Ministry of Health emphasized that people who had their second dosage 3 months ago are eligible to claim their third dose at any mass vaccination site.

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