Adults over the age of 18 (including citizens and foreigners) with comorbidities who got their third COVID-19 vaccine dosage 5 months ago can now get the matching 4th dosage at any vaccination site or health centre, according to the Health ministry (Minsa).

Maria Elena Martinez, the Head of Vaccinations at Minsa, hit national headlines.

In the midst of a COVID-19 fourth epidemic phase, the Minsa officials reminded the people that the epidemic is still underway, emphasising the importance of vaccination.

“It has been decided that all persons with diseases here between ages of 18 and 50 now can get their fourth dosage,” Martinez said.

“Obviously, the epidemic is still ongoing; we must act to defend ourself,” she continued.

The fourth dose, according to the immunization coordinator, was only for those over 50, medical personnel, and immune compromised individuals.

However, it was determined that this age range needed to be expanded. As a result, anyone over the age of 18 can now get an increase in COVID-19 security.

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