According to the state’s study, the utilization of emergency departments in this country grew in compare to the past two weeks, reaching 58 percent (3,281 beds out of a total of 5,690), up against 55 percent the previous week.

The proportion of hospitalised patients in Critical Care Units (ICU) climbed from 41 percent to 50 percent (321 beds out of 635).

During the most recent empirical week (May 22-28), 263 individuals were hospitalised for the illness (216 in the wards and 47 in the ICU), compared to 260 people the week before (May 15-21). 

According to Paulino Vigil, a scientist with the State Secretariat of Research, Information, and Discovery, the month of May saw more than 81,000 occurrences of the epidemic and 71 fatalities, prompting him to advise the public to follow biosecurity precautions, such as immunisation and avoiding gatherings.

People just lost regard for the illness, as per the specialist, and are less inclined to seek diagnostic procedures.

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