The researchers looked at three tick-borne disease strains created in Australia and transferred to Paraguay for testing, one of which causes anaplasmosis and was cured with an A. centrale vaccine. “The A. centrale [vaccine] variant did not establish to be as secure as might be desired in safety testing, nor did it provide as decent security,” study discovered.

‘For more than two decades, our vaccine based on A. marginale rather than A. centrale has maintained the simplest and most cost defense in the actual battle versus bovine anaplasmosis,’ –

Universities Technologies LLC, Dr. Gene Luther

/PRNewswire/ – BATON ROUGE, La., June 1, 2022 — University Products LLC, citing recent study released in Veterinary Parasitology, proved the therapeutic value of utilising a killed A. marginale vaccine instead of just the conventional live A. centrale vaccine in the battle of yearly bovine anaplasmosis illnesses.

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