According to persons acquainted with the situation, Paraguay has started the process of terminating a contract with Bharat Biotech for Covaxin vaccinations due to quality assurance difficulties.

The deal was cobbled including the assistance of Taiwan, which has close links to Paraguay, as round of last year’s attempts to prevent the South American country from turning to China for Covid-19 immunizations.

Paraguay’s cabinet office, Julio Borba, verified the story on June 1, telling the ABC media outlet that the ministry is in the midst of terminating a vaccine sales contract with only an Indian firm for one 1,000,000 Covaxin shots.

“It (the deal) is there, but it is also in the process of being closed.” According to a statement on the show’s site in Spanish, “we encountered problems and we chose to terminate the agreement with them; it is in the midst of being closed.”

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