The German government, as a part of its Development Bank KfW initiative, has donated a cumulative amount of EUR 10 million to support the health sector of Palestine. This agreement came into effect after being signed by the German government with support from the Prime Minister of Palestine, Mohammed Shtayyeh. The Palestinian Finance Ministry is also a part of the program, which will be solely devoted to improving, repairing, and rebuilding Palestine’s health sector. 

A press release from the Ramallah-based Representative Office of the Federal Republic of Germany disclosed the program initiative to the public. UNDP will be responsible and look after the implementation. The main goal of this project is to strengthen Palestine’s COVID-19 vaccination efforts along with improving and maintaining the health system’s capacity to provide essential healthcare services to its people, particularly those living in marginalized areas.  

Oliver Owcza, the German representative in Palestine, emphasized the importance of good health to every individual as a precondition for economic development and social justice. “Thus, I welcome Germany’s decision to provide these extraordinary funds to support the Palestinian health sector beyond COVID-19. The project will directly impact Palestinians living in the West Bank, East Jerusalem, and Gaza through improved access to health services.”

An extensive campaign aimed at reaching all those in need of medical care will be launched as part of this initiative. By deploying health personnel, supporting mobile health clinics, and procuring and delivering critical medical supplies and equipment, COVID-19 vaccination coverage will be increased. In parallel to this, sustainability models and knowledge products will be developed to promote the Palestinian health sector and to inform future policies.

Chitose Noguchi, UNDP’s Deputy Special Representative, noticed that the COVID-19 crisis has exacerbated the lack of human resources and has added a burden to the health sector. We are proud of this new contribution that we have made in partnership with the German government, its KFW Development Bank, and the Ministry of Health, to improve access to quality health services for Palestinians.”

In the West Bank, East Jerusalem, and Gaza Strip, the project builds on the partnership between Germany and UNDP through the Investment Programme for Resilience (IPR).

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