From September 3 to today – the beginning of the vacination campaign some 100,580 doses have been administered. This was done in the 100 pharmacies which have joined the campaign. The administered vaccines were 57,500 Pfizer and 43,080 Moderna.

In total, 63,472 immunizations were administered throughout Palermo, with 37,076 in the province.

Roberto Tobia, president of European Pharmacists Association , commented that this remarkable achievement in the fight against COVID, was reached in just eight months. This  confirms two things: 

The first is that pharmacies have caught up quickly to the need to reconvert to ensure this new and fundamental service as the way to safety; 

The second is that citizens were enthusiastic with the possibilityto be vaccinated in the comfort of their homes. This service was provided by health professionls who also provided consultations and clarification. This was better accepted than visiting vaccination hubs, and waiting long lines just to get the vaccine.

According to Tobia, this confirms the wise moves by the legislator and the support for them by the local pharmacy community. Hence the country is deemed prepared to any subsequent vaccination campaign which encompasses the whole population.

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