Diabetes NGOs establish a new interactive site to raise awareness about health inequalities for persons with type 1 diabetes in neglected nations.

SAN MATEO, Calif., June 3, 2022 /: Beyond Type 1 and Life for a Child unveil a new long-form, multimedia piece of content that emphasizes Rwanda’s health disparities by portraying the uplifting tale of two young sisters with type 1 diabetes in a Kigali suburb. The website raises awareness, educates, and provides information for persons with type 1 diabetes in Rwanda.

Ineza, 18, and Rebeka, 14, depending on groups like the Rwanda Diabetes Association (RDA) and Life for a Child to get life-sustaining treatment. Life for a Child collaborates with diabetes centers like the RDA in under-resourced nations to help young patients with type 1 diabetes with insulin, medicines, testing, educational tools, and support for healthcare professionals.

“It’s crucial for us to increase awareness of the great effect Life for a Child is having on T1D adolescents in under-resourced nations like Rwanda,” said Beyond Type 1’s vice president of international marketing, Mariana Gomez. “Everyone deserves the life-sustaining treatment needed to control diabetes. We’re delighted to have worked with Life for a Child, and we believe presenting this story and mobilizing our online group will motivate others to take action.”

Type 1 diabetes or an insulin-dependent autoimmune disorder that needs access to medical treatment, supplies, support, and education. Best health results are assisted by continuous access to diabetes-trained health care experts and inexpensive insulin and blood sugar monitoring equipment, a benefit few have globally. For Ineza and Rebeka, treating their diabetes depends on basic supplies from local diabetic groups that rely on donations.

“We strive to build a world where children with type 1 diabetes may flourish,” says Life for a Child’s Dr. Graham Ogle. All gifts to Life for a Child are meaningful, and $16 may supply a child with life-saving insulin and medicines for a month.

Type 1 diabetes causes the body unable to manufacture insulin, a hormone that controls blood sugar. Without insulin, our bodies can’t utilise the sugar in our bloodstream as energy. People with type 1 diabetes must constantly check their blood sugar and take insulin daily.

About Beyond Type 1

Beyond Type 1 is a nonprofit organisation transforming what it takes to live with diabetes. By combining web – based platforms, Beyond Type 1 encourages individuals to live well today and promote a brighter future. Through peer support programmes, worldwide campaigns, and digital services, Beyond Type 1 is connecting the global diabetes population across type 1 and type 2 diabetes, helping to alter what it means to live with chronic disease.

 Founders + Leadership cover operating costs so that every dollar contributed directly supports the most promising worldwide initiatives and programmes working to inform, campaign, and cure type 1 diabetes.

About Life for a Child

Life for a Kid’s mission statement is: No child should die of diabetes. It’s a straightforward goal, but the obstacles encountered by persons with type 1 diabetes are far from easy. This is particularly true in under-resourced nations where access to treatment is restricted and the physical, mental, and financial implications of the illness may be overwhelming. 

Type 1 diabetes has no identifiable cause and no established treatment. But we know that controlling it improves life. And that by supporting us, you can help make a difference. Life for a Child now supports 34,000 younger generation in 44 countries. We supply vital supplies, like insulin, syringes, and continuous glucose monitoring devices. 

We offer accessible educational content for children, families, and healthcare workers and assist strengthen local healthcare practitioners’ abilities. And we do research that helps us and others advocate for good change. In all sectors, we foster sustainability by collaborating with existing clinics, hospitals, and governments. Our goal is to become irrelevant. But in the meantime, we’ll do whatever to assist.

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