The Covid-19 has infected Iran for the sixth time, with the daily death toll reaching 227 on Wednesday, including 70 in Tehran.

According to the health ministry, over 7 million people are diagnosed with the coronavirus since the pandemic began: In the previous 24 hours, 15,340 people had tested positive, with 2,333 of them being admitted to the hospital.

Tehran is home to 10% of Iran’s population, so if 70 Covids died in one day in the city, the national death toll could be greater than the 227 stated by the government on Wednesday.

With roughly 135,500 fatalities in an 85 million residents that is 67 percent properly vaccinated, Iran has the highest official data for Covid mortality in the Middle East. Egypt has reported little under 29.000 deaths, with 29 percent of its 104 million people properly vaccinated.

Iran’s daily health ministry numbers have been challenged by a number of publications, including the principled daily Javan and BBC Persian. While health officials have warned that the numbers will undoubtedly rise in the coming months as the Omicron variety takes hold, President Ebrahim Raisi has resisted calls for a statewide closure.

Iran withdrew roughly 820,000 vials of AstraZeneca vaccinations supplied by Poland this week, claiming they were created in the United States, according to a media source.

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