April 18, 2022 saw a surge in the curve of positive cases for covid-19. Why has this been happening? Is it something to be alert about?

Between the dates 9th May to 15th May, about 4,871 positive cases have been registered in Martinique. This has been increasing since the past five weeks. The last three weeks of April saw cases surge from 1,682 to 1,895 to 2022. Since 9th April, wearing a mask in public is no longer compulsory and since 21st April 2022, the rule was also removed from classrooms. 

In May, the number intensified further in the first fifteen days with 3,298 cases in the first week and 4,871 in the second. 

Olivier Coudin, the Deputy Director General of ARS Martinique expressed how the number of cases has doubled and tripled over the past few weeks. One of the main reasons seems to be disrespect for the barriers set. Omicron has also been spreading in the area even though its less aggressive and doesn’t come with harsher consequences, the speed of infection is fast. Most of the citizens aren’t vaccinated which reduces the limitation of catching the severity of the virus. 

Between 11th April and 17th April, 1682 cases were observed which was the lowest number for contamination. From the beginning of 2022, Martinique has not seen cases under 1,500. The maximum was seen in week 10 – 11, 391 people. This increase has been linked to the carnival festivities that happened just a week before. 

The rate of positive cases in relation to the positive tests carried out had already exceeded the alert threshold. 

In terms of caring for the ailing, there has been a downward spiral. Last week, the number of critical reached 4 while 21 were hospitalized. This is opposed to the 104 patients hospitalized and 28 in critical care in the end of January. 

Olivier Coudin also said that, ‘We remain very vigilant with Sante Publique France and the CHU on the evolution of the situation in the hospital.” Just two weeks back a heightened number of cases were reported among the youngest with the age bracket 15-30. The health authority in charge has not yet released any restrictive measures. Coudin stated that the importance in these kinds of situations is to understand the incidence rate, the cases number and how the hospitals are dealing. 

It has been advised to carry all precautions, test in case symptoms appear and isolate in case one is tested positive for Covid-19.

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