COVID- A PCR test is no longer required to enter Oman, as 19 restrictions have been removed. As Oman Air prepares to welcome visitors, the government’s track-and-trace mechanism has been abolished.

Oman has eased its travel restrictions.

Oman removed the COVID-19’s restrictions after a two-year term. PCR tests and the country’s track and trace system will be discontinued, according to an announcement made by Oman’s COVID-19 Supreme Committee on May 22nd.


Those who are elderly, have chronic illnesses, or are immunodeficient should wear a mask in enclosed areas and receive a booster inoculation, according to the Supreme Committee.

Incoming visitors to Oman no longer need to download Oman’s eMushrif app or take a PCR test before or after their departure. The Omani government’s need to wear a mask in public places and among large crowds has been lifted.

Oman has chosen to lift COVID limitations after Saudi Arabia and the UAE did so earlier this year.

In March and February, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates removed the majority of COVID restrictions.

Since the outbreak of the pandemic, Oman has recorded 389,000 COVID infections and 4,200 deaths.

The Omani authorities have cautioned residents of Muscat, the country’s capital, to be on the lookout and to take certain precautions, including as wearing a mask after contact with a positive case and staying in their homes if they show signs of COVID-19.

The Omani Airrescue is

Oman Air is slowly but surely re-establishing its routes. Oman Air expects a rise in foreign demand as a result of the relaxation of travel restrictions in Oman.

The airline has increased Boeing 737 MAX flights and teamed up with Qatar Airways to transport fans to the World Cup in November.

The majority of Omani Airlines’ 50 planes, including 30 737s and an increasing number of Dreamliners, are Boeing models.

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