The Norwegian Institute of Public Health (NIPH) said on Friday that below 45 years without any underlying illnesses would not be offered a fourth Covid vaccine dose this autumn.

A fourth Covid jab is not anticipated to be given to people below 45 years this fall, according to TV2. 

“As it currently appears, healthy individuals below 45 years will not be suggested for further doses, but we are monitoring this situation based on our current understanding of the epidemic and vaccine.” Preben Aavitsland, Norway’s Chief Physician at the Norwegian Institute of Public Health (NIPH), informed TV2.

Newswire was told on Wednesday that health officials would issue a formal proposal for the next autumn and winter by the end of this summer.

The NIPH advised municipalities in a letter sent last month that the most probable scenario was that local officers would be required to give a booster dose to vulnerable people and those above 65 years.

In the long term, says Aavitsland, it’s possible that the oldest will get yearly vaccination. The primary physician stated that this would depend on the emergence of new variants or on how long the epidemic persisted. 

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