The Spanish government has now decided to allow COVID-19 immunized third-country visitors to enter the country if they are negative on the test for the virus.

The decision taken by the Ministry of the Interior went into effect last Saturday, 21st of May, right after the new order which amended the old order on travel restrictions to Spain during the Coronavirus spread was released in the Official State Gazette (BOE). The initial order was set to remain active until June 15, after extending to this date about a week earlier.

As per the new order, people travelling from outside the EU are now allowed to enter Spain for any non-essential purpose if they have a COVID-19 vaccination certificate, proof of recovery after the virus, or a negative test result of COVID-19.

Only visitors immunized against COVID-10 were allowed to come into Spain from other countries so far. Travellers from the European Union and non-European Union countries will now face the same entry requirements.

Spain’s Minister of Industry, Commerce, and Tourism, Reyes Maroto, applauded the decision, noting that visitors of third countries will now be treated the same as those from the European Union and the Schengen countries – Lichtenstein, Iceland, Switzerland, and Norway.

“This fantastic news, which has been eagerly awaited mostly by the tourism industry, will make travel possible for tourists from other countries to visit Spain during the peak season, ensuring safe mobility.

“Spanish tourism is evolving as among the world’s most popular destinations, as evidenced by demand metrics that show month by month, the country is approaching its pre-pandemic levels,” he said.

He believes that relaxing entry requirements for visitors from other countries will bring much more tourists to Spain this summer.

The Ministry of Interior emphasizes in an order published in the gazette that travellers from both European Union and non-European Union countries must show one of the mentioned documents to enter Spain:

Vaccination Certificate against COVID-19 demonstrating that the traveller has received the 2nd or 3rd dose within the previous nine months

Within the last 180 days, a certificate of virus recovery was issued. The certificate had to be issued by 11 days after a professional PCR and/ or antigen test revealed COVID-19 infection.

Negative PCR  and/or antigen test results were obtained 72 hours before departure for the country.

“Children under the age of 12 will not be required to show any certificate.” Furthermore, travellers entering by sea, and those arriving at airports with an EU COVID Digital Certificate or equivalent recognized by the European Commission, are not be required to fill the SPTH Health Control Form “The Ministry of Tourism has stated.

Spain has also removed health controls that have been in place at its border crossings with France for more than two years, as of last Thursday, May 19. Spain, on the other hand, began gradually reopening borders with Morocco in between the Melilla and the African enclaves of Ceuta on Monday, May 17.

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