The National Medical Commission (NMC) and the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare (MoHFW) have held numerous meetings to discuss solutions for MBBS students affected by the Ukraine crisis and COVID-19.”

“However, nothing important has yet been accomplished,” an ANI source noted, adding that the NMC and Ministry are working hard to find an acceptable solution for medical students who have returned from Ukraine, China, and the Philippines in the middle of their courses.

“The frequent meetings started after the National Medical Commission (NMC) sought the health ministry’s opinion in light of the Supreme Court’s directive to the regulatory body to frame a scheme within two months allowing such MBBS students to complete clinical training in medical colleges across the country,” according to sources.

“If the government also allows clinical training in Indian medical colleges,” Dr. Ashish Mahendra of the Dental Council of India argues, “the pricing structure would be needlessly expensive compared to the countries where the students received their degrees.”

On April 29, the Supreme Court of India directed the National Medical Commission (NMC) to develop a plan within two months to complete clinical training in Indian medical institutions and assist MBBS students from international universities who were experiencing difficulties as a result of the Ukraine crisis.

The NMC issued a circular in March of this year declaring that foreign medical graduates with unfinished internships as a result of the Covid19 outbreak and warlike conditions might continue their internships after completing the FMGE. “It has also been observed that certain Foreign Medical Graduates did not complete their internships due to situations beyond their control, such as the COVID19 epidemic and violence,” according to the circular.

Given their dissatisfaction and worry, the application of these overseas medical graduates to complete the remainder of their internship in India is approved. As a result, if candidates have passed the FMGE before applying for internship completion in India, State Medical Councils may process the application.” According to the circular.

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