Due to a surge in COVID-19 cases, a team of NHS Medical Specialists had to drop in at John A Osborne Airport, Monserrat. The Ministry of Health and Social Services Senior Management welcomed them warmly. 

The team of specialist consists of three ICU nurses, an ICU specialist doctor and one epidemiologist. All of them will add their expertise to help with inpatient care as the cases increase in the country. 

Charles Kirnon, the Minister for Health, expressed his gratitude to UK for always backing them up as they face the virus headfirst. Indeed, our health system has been under tremendous strain, and on behalf of the Ministry of Health and Social Services, I enthusiastically welcome the NHS Medical Specialists’ experience and important help to our health care system.”

Her Excellency Governor, Sarah Tucker, also stated her happiness at the partnership between UK and Montserrat health authorities working to combat the pandemic with UK’s steadfast support. 

As the Ministry looks for alternate ways to tackle the shortage of medical professionals, Montserrat will cherish the company of these specialists for at least four weeks. 

It is recommended to the residents to follow all precautions against COVID 19 by following good hygiene practices, wearing masks in public, adhering to quarantine rules, isolating and getting vaccinated. 

If anyone notices common symptoms such as fever, chest pains, breathlessness and so on, it’s important to inform the hospital and seek help through the Flu Hotline. 

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