Roots Health Services, which is a U.S.-based NGO, donated 16,000 surgical gloves for 13 health institutions in The Gambia.

The non-latex and latex and 100 cartons of other medical equipment are valued roughly US$125000 (D6 million dollars).

Sunday’s event took place at(BMCHH)., the Bundung Maternity hospital. Mamady Cham, CEO of BMCHH, welcomed the team and thanked the donors for helping to expand maternal and health services in the country.

16,000 pairs of latex gloves would be handed to health centers around the country, he said.

These hospitals were chosen based on their annual delivery rates.

“Most of these products are pricey, therefore I would like to thank the givers for remembering their home nation. I appreciate the benefactor for the receivers.”

Lang Conteh, of Roots Health Services, presented the gifts on behalf of the donors.

“This donation’s worth is unclear. We estimate its value at $125,000 to $130,000, or around D6 million dalasi.”

The NGO includes Gambian anesthetists trained in the U.S., he added.

We all loved this nation and wanted to improve its healthcare coverage through volunteer technical services, collaboration, and networking.

Conteh emphasized the items’ relevance in preventing patient infections and surgical complications.

Surgical period is when patients’ immune systems are weak and prone to infections, he said.

“So these medical gloves are quite useful.”

Conteh praised the Seattle-based NGO, saying it has already made a huge influence on the nation’s health sector.

Dr. Momodu T. Nyassi thanked contributors followed by the Ministry of Health.

When the Covid-19 worldwide pandemic came out two years ago, health care providers faced major challenges, notably in controlling the virus’s spread. The outbreak has helped them plan for future pandemics, he said.

Dr. Nyassi said the government can’t provide decent health care without help from others.

He vowed to work with the NGO to improve health care in the country.

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