Estonia took part in an joint Scandinavian research on COVID-19.

Quick comprehension of the virus and its effects was required during the SARS-CoV-2 epidemic. The World Health Organization (WHO), Europe, and a number of other countries began international research projects.

In addition, efforts were made in the Nordic region. All Nordic countries have similar social safety nets and public health care systems.

Health data analysis for COVID-19 has already begun in five NordForsk collaborations. Estonia and the remaining four Nordic countries have contributed money to the project. These initiatives always have something new to teach us.

Bed-bound The long-term psychological effects on COVID-19 patients were examined. Researchers from Estonia, Iceland, Norway, Sweden and Denmark were involved in the study.

The results were reported in the Lancet journal. NordForsk’s director, Arne Flyen, is pleased with the results of the research conducted by the program.

“Mental morbidity trajectories in COVID-19 across risk populations of five nations” found that serious COVID-19 infections are connected with long-term mental health problems.

Further a total of 160,000 pregnancies were examined between May 2021 and January 2022. Premature birth, stillbirth, and inadequate foetal growth were all examined by researchers. Pregnancy was not associated with an increased risk of health issues.

The study concluded that vaccination during pregnancy protects infants against COVID-19 infection.

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