Following ten days without any news on covid infections, on Tuesday the data was disclosed by MINSAL for the period June 7-20.

In one single day, El Salvador saw more than 500 cases of covid-19 infections.

Pandemic numbers were updated by the Ministry of Health on Tuesday. Medical experts had warned of a fifth wave of illnesses, and now official data has confirmed that the country is in the fifth wave of sickness.

583 confirmed cases of covid-19 were the highest daily total since February 22. The previous peak was 546 on June 18.

Between June 6 and June 20, the number of daily occurrences of covid-19 increased by 172.4 percent, from 214 to 583.

Even though El Salvador is currently undergoing its fifth wave of illnesses, this one is expected to result in fewer hospitalizations and deaths than the previous ones.

The fifth wave peaked on June 3 with 67,221 illnesses and on June 20 with 40,146, according to the institute’s estimations. Non-lab-confirmed illnesses are included in the list.

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