The Costa Rican government has issued a set of laws and regulations (executive orders) in the areas of immunization and the use of face masks in public places, known as DecretosEjecutivos in Spanish.

The rule is DecretoEjecutivo No. 43543-S. This executive order encourages the government and businesses to refrain from enforcing workplace penalties such as dismissal, on those who may not have received the entire set of Covid 19 vaccinations.

The government has requested the National Committee on Immunizations to inform it on which state employees may face “work termination” for not following the current norms.

The government supports, though inexplicitly, studies to determine the effects of complete vaccination on a group of the population, taking evidence from other countries as well.

The second presidential directive, DecretoEjecutivo No. 43544-S, regulates and amends a previous executive order from 2021, which mandates the use of masks as a healthcare policy when the infection initially started to spread across the world.

As per the order, beginning from May 11th, many first medical personnel from both corporate and industrial healthcare organizations, as well as those seeking medical treatment from these organizations, must wear masks. Other people are exempted from the mask necessity.

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