The Netherlands’ 20-year partnership with the Global Fund has helped fight HIV, TB, and malaria and promote a healthier, safer, more equitable world.

Ending AIDS, TB, malaria

The Global Fund has saved 44 million lives and decreased inequality.

In places where GFATM invests, the annual death rate from the three diseases has dropped 56% since 2002.

Netherlands-GFATM Collaboration

Ever since its inception, Netherlands has been a strong supporter of the Global Fund. It contributes €1.09 billion to the Global Fund, ranking as the 10th largest donor to the Global Fund. These investments have saved lives, removed gender and human rights-related barriers to health, and established resilient and sustainable health systems.

The Netherlands committed €183 million for 2020-2022 to build up diagnostics, treatment , and health systems. The Dutch government sits on the Global Fund’s Board and defines governance principles, especially that allow for more expenditures in vulnerable populations,  reproductive health, and human rights.

Dutch aid reduces poverty and inequality. The Netherlands aims to eliminate HIV and TB by 2030. Dutch community and civil society partners enhance everyone’s health.

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