According to the RIVM, the count of fresh Covid-19 cases has continued to rise. Since Tuesday morning, 3,418 people have tested positive for the virus. That is the most individuals who have tested positive for the virus in a single day since April 20.

The number of confirmed coronavirus infections is almost twice the figure since the RIVM announced 1,859 on Wednesday. On the previous Wednesday, nearly 1,400 cases were recorded.

In the past seven days, more than 17,000 Covid-19 positive tests have been documented, with a mean of around 2,440 each day. That is roughly 72% higher than a week prior.

The uprise is probably due to the dawn of a fresh Covid-19 epidemic, according to the RIVM. Also, there is a higher number of viral particles in wastewater and more people have checked positive self-tests on the Infectieradar website designed by RIVM since last week.

The count of individuals who visit a test site to get verification of a positive self-test is also on the rise. The GGD GHOR Nederland, a division of the GGD reports that the number of tests carried out remains within the system’s capacity. 

“Every day, we are monitoring the demand and supply of tests in GGD areas. The need for local scale up of tests including when, where, and how is the GGD’s call.”

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