Tregenza Roach the Acting Lt. Gov of Virgin Island announced that visitors to the country need not undergo a Covid test to enter the island. Earlier this month, the same restriction for domestic visitors was scrapped and now the same for international travellers has been taken away. 

This announcement was made during a press conference discussing various internal matters and regarding the conditions for entry into the country for the St. John’s festival which will take place later this month. 

The following were some of the points discussed:

  • The net positivity rate was down to 8.2%
  • A $100 health permit fee was mandated for the St. Jonh’s festival and for those who are double vaccinated, the fee will be waived
  • Vendors who have obtained the annual health fee must have a decent standing in the festival to participate.
  • Health Cards are mandatory for all who are selling drinks and food. 
  • Travellers from the US must produce their Serve Safe card instead of the health card issued on the island. 
  • A compulsory health inspection will be carried out for all vendors and permits will only be given after that, provided they follow the health during the period of validity. 

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