As per government statistics, there are currently 1,058 confirmed cases, a 207 percent growth since last estimate.

Through May 27 and June 4, the Department of Health confirmed 980 new illnesses detected by covid-19. According to the state’s information, El Salvador recorded more than a 100 persons infected in a given round for the first time in 70 days.

Since June 30, when 104 illnesses were reported, the trend has persisted, with 155 new applicants being added in a single day on June 4.

Infections surpassed 900 in May, and 530 infections have been reported in the first four days of June, an average of 132 per day.

According to government statistics, active instances have risen to 1,058, a 207 percent increase from the 345 patients who had been declared unwell until the previous illness update on May 26.

As per the Department of Health, there have been 163,735 reported covid-19 cases in El Salvador because the pandemic began in March 2020, with 4,132 persons succumbing to the illness.

The Department of Health verified a slight rise in covid-19 illnesses last week. Iván Solano and Jorge Panameo, both communicable disease doctors, verified a rise in visits in recent weeks.

For the past month, Panamanians has seen between three and five patients every day with SARS-CoV-2 disease diagnoses. “70 percent of my patients are Salvadorans who have traveled and got it abroad,” Solano said.

In June, the Department of Health amended the COVID-19 rules, making masks non-compulsory.

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