The Saint Marteen Public Health Ministry has come out with a 10-year plan against chronic diseases. Named as the Multisectoral Action Plan for the Prevention and Control of Noncommunicable Diseases was presented by the Hon Public Health Minister Omar Ottley. 

 NCDs are used to refer to a chronic situation that is caused by several factors such as lifestyle, environmental and biological elements, and are responsible for the death and ill health of numerous people around the world.

More than 1/4th of the Saint Marteen population suffers from NCDs such as High Blood pressure, asthma, diabetes, stroke, heart attack and cancer. 

The goal of the NCD MAP is to bring about a health revolution in Saint Marteen to improve the wellbeing and health of the citizens and to achieve the maximum possible welfare of the community. By 2030 the plan seeks to reduce the NCD risks in the citizens and promote them to make better choices. This requires the collaborative efforts of multi sectors and different ministers. 

NCD MAP seeks to carry out  the following:

  • Bettering the health system for evaluation, research, monitoring and evaluation of the risk factors 
  • Introducing governmental plans to substantiate implementation and decision-making. 
  • Improving awareness among citizens regarding NCDs
  • Self-management and people-centred action 

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