The health ministry and Medical Facilities are conducting the COVID shots campaign in societies across Fiji.

The health ministry and Medical Facilities shall provide the following at the vaccination websites.

  • 1st  and 2nd  doses of the COVID vaccines for persons aged 12 years old and above
  • 1st  and 2nd  booster dose for people aged 18 years and above

A person is eligible for the booster dosage 3 months after getting the 2nd dose of the COVID vaccine. A person is eligible for the 2nd booster dosage 4 months after getting the 1st booster.

This is advised that the newest batch of AstraZeneca injections has been fully used. We will manage the Pfizer COVID injections as 1st and 2nd doses for grown-ups aged 18 years and above.

You are requested to present your legal photo identification like student ID, Joint FNPF/FRCA, passport, driver’s license, or FNPF card to register for immunization.

To register online for the 1st dose, visit

The community is reminded that immunization sites strictly close at 3 pm. Therefore, any individual visiting the site in the afternoon is demanded to be present by 1.30 pm.

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