According to a new poll released this week, people are still hesitant to get the covid-19 vaccination as they are worried  about the vaccine’s safety and potential negative effects.

According to an Afrobarometer study, Namibians are generally happy with the way government’s managing the pandemic, particularly attempts to prevent interruptions to children’s schooling and maintain health facilities loaded with pandemic materials.

“However, they are dissatisfied with the government’s allocation of assistance relief, with the majority believing that resources allocated to combat the epidemic were misappropriated owing to corruption,” according to the report.

 People’s reluctance to get vaccines is still a worry, as per the survey. 

“Most travel bans, mask regulations, and some other social distance actions have been removed to help the most affected tourism sector,” the survey said. “However, the industry is still worried about its future due to the high number of people who don’t want to get vaccinated and the risk of another tide of infections.”

Most people who are saying they won’t get vaccinated are afraid of getting a counterfeit or fake vaccine (23%), think that vaccine isn’t safe (14%), don’t trust the government enough to make sure the vaccine is safe (12%), are afraid that the vaccine may be bad for them, as in what if it causes COVID-19 or have other negative side effects (7%), don’t have trust on the source of the vaccine (2%), or believe the vaccine was made too quickly (2%). Everybody else believe that they’ll be protected by God. 

Meanwhile, the Health ministry said on Monday that the government will trash over 300,000 outdated COVID-19 vaccination doses.

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