Htet Nyar Khant, 7 year old, waited for his first COVID-19 vaccination in a government-run school in Yangon, Myanmar’s former capital.

Although some of his mates saying they were scared of injections, Htet Nyar shared with Xinhua that he is courageous and wanted to get immunized. He claimed that the vaccine was effective against COVID-19.

In the mornings, most elementary school students waited in classrooms or outside the vaccination chamber for vaccinations. COVID-19 vaccine drive was obtained with the assistance of teachers and medical personnel.

With parental approval, children aged five to twelve receive their first dose of COVID-19 vaccination.

Myanmar’s Health Ministry reports that China’s Sinopharm vaccine is being used to vaccinate 3.62 million school-aged children.

According to the Health Ministry, one million schooled children who were not able to attend school, aged 5 to 15 would also be vaccinated against COVID-19.

Since June 2, the country, which has a population of approximately 55.6 million people, has been vaccinating children ages five to twelve.

The ministry expressed the need of vaccination and recommended those who are eligible must receive COVID-19 vaccines, quoting data that shows vaccination can reduce pandemic mortality.

Over 27.02 million Myanmarese have received full COVID-19 vaccinations, with another 2.2 million receiving booster shots. By June 7, Myanmar has administered roughly 62.25 million COVID-19 doses.

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