Armindo Tiago, Mozambique’s Health Minister, has cautioned that the fifth wave of Covid-19 could hit the nation, with the primary concern being the recent rise in Covid-19 infections in South Africa. According to Tiago, this could be mirrored in Mozambique if the general populace relaxes its shield and abandons precautionary measures. “Our insight with earlier waves has shown when a wave starts in South Africa, the infection count increases in Mozambique,” said the Minister.

Nonetheless, Tiago anticipated new infections to be subtle following the success of Mozambique’s mass vaccination campaign.

According to the Health Ministry’s daily Covid-19 bulletins, only a handful of new infections are diagnosed each day. Also, the most recent press release from the Ministry shows only one case was discovered on May 2.

In Mozambique, 1,313,728 individuals have been checked for the coronavirus that leads to Covid-19 since the outbreak began. In Mozambique, 225,387 Covid-19 incidences have been identified.

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