The Minister of Health claimed the disease’s virus fades after three weeks.

rabat Moroccan Health Minister Khalid Ait Taleb reassured residents that monkeypox did not spread as quickly as COVID-19 but urged for collaborative attention as the nation fights the illness.

Ait Taleb cautioned Monday that monkeypox needed increased attention to prevent infection. Virus vanishes three weeks after infection, but there’s no treatment, he said.

Ait Taleb also highlighted Morocco’s approach to battle the virus, noting that the government has devised a four-phase plan.

First, health practitioners are trained to identify and treat the condition. Second, the disease is diagnosed in labs.

The third step involves managing suspected cases, while the fourth separates affected people from their connections.

“If a person’s illness is verified, the ideal therapy is home isolation for three weeks,” the minister said, adding that hospitalisation rarely occurs in catastrophic situations involving the lungs, brain, or eye.

Morocco’s Ministry of Health verified the first case of monkeypox on June 2, saying the illness came from Europe.

The patient’s condition is steady and does not raise alarm, although he is under medical observation, the ministry said.

Fever, headache, backache, enlarged lymph nodes, and rash are monkeypox symptoms.

Symptoms persist 2 weeks.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has warned that additional nations will face an epidemic of monkeypox.

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