These data were recently released in a new study from the National Vaccination Plan against Coronavirus.

According to Colombia’s latest vaccination schedule, 83.3 percent of Colombians now have only one dosage of the various coronavirus vaccinations, indicating that 42,452,124 people have visited vaccination locations and received a first or solitary dose. There are a total of 12,589,165 persons who have received the 3rd dose.

Gersón Bermont, the head of Prevention and Health promotion, stated, “We need the people over 12 years old to get their supplementary dose.”

Approximately 500,000 people who have received booster immunisation (which is only given to people over the age of 50). Bermont stated that only vaccinations from the Moderna and Pfizer pharmaceuticals are being used for 2nd injection.

The Department of Health, led by Fernando Ruz, announced this week that 1,008,000 Janssen vaccinations, each of which is an oral dosage or treatment, entered the country as half of the vaccinations pledged by the US administration for distribution.

Colombia is expected to get 2,016,000 additional vaccine dosages for covid-19, as pledged by the Joe Biden administration during its discussion with Colombian President Iván Duque.

Colombia has received multiple gifts from the Joe Biden government in the year 2021, totaling 3.5 million doses from Moderna and 2.5 million dosages from Janssen and other companies.

As per accounting reports, Colombia has obtained 99,166,854 dosages from various brands and institutions, as well as through various procedures, including 2.1 million doses purchased by the private industry under the National Vaccination Plan.

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