The statistics on the percentage of adolescents, pregnant women, and nursing mothers in Kazakhstan who have had their vaccinations have been released by the country’s Ministry of Healthcare.

The Pfizer vaccine was administered to 1,208,882 people for the first time, and 1,094,076 people were given their second dose of the vaccine.

Teenagers accounted for 863,177 of those who had their first Pfizer shot, while pregnant women accounted for 40,874 and breastfeeding mothers accounted for 144,280.

Pfizer administered the second dose of the vaccine to 820,071 adolescents, 36,850 pregnant women, and 133,657 nursing mothers.

Earlier, Kazinform stated that there are approximately 160 people in Kazakhstan who are still receiving treatment for Covid-19. To this day, more than 4,720,000 individuals have been re-vaccinated against Covid-19.

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