Montserrat’s government has signed a licensing deal with the Health Systems of Canada to implement a state of the art electronic medical records (EMR) system based on the concept of “One Patient—One Chart.”

Current health records would be computerized during the next two years, coupled with the building of a new computer interface and data platform for patient data throughout all healthcare institutions. Healthcare professionals will be able to examine and update data in real-time, and the system will serve as a data centre for future possible service planning along with delivery, as well as healthcare treatments.

Residents will eventually be able to see their own information and schedule appointments via the function of a patient portal. This is a critical component of the modernization strategy for the latest project for a national hospital. 

Over the next two years, CHS will collaborate closely with the Ministry of Finance and Economic Management’s Programme Management Office (Project management office), the Ministry of Health and Social Services (MoHSS), and the Department of Information Technology E-Government Services (DITES). The redesigned EMR system will be configured and installed by CHS for use by health care workers in hospitals, clinics, prisons, and nursing homes.

Again when the CHS system has already been completely customised and installed, a thorough support and training programme will be designed to make sure that healthcare professionals are competent in utilising the new system in all of the Island’s healthcare facilities.

The adoption of this technology is part of a larger initiative to modernise healthcare services. The Small Capital Asset Fund of the Government of Montserrat is supporting this effort.

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