A new case reported in Montserrat has left a devastating impact. On May 13th, a female resident was admitted to the hospital when tested positive. The Ministry of Health and Social Services declared her passing away due to the virus repercussions on 14th May. Although, no drastic health issues were recorded and she was unvaccinated. She was between the age of 20-29. 

Following this event, the government reminded the citizens that the threat hadn’t left and the consequences could still be serious or impactful. It is more necessary than ever to practice ideal hygiene, cover face with masks in public areas, follow quarantine rules and stick to isolation if there’s a threat. It’s also crucial to get vaccinated as soon as possible.

Anyone infected with COVID-19 should look out for immediate medical help as soon as the symptoms appear. Some of the effects include chest ache, breathlessness, high fever and so on. The best solution is to contact the Flu-Hotline (number: 496.7437 / 493.4755).

Everyone who heard the news has sent heartfelt condolences to the family and friends of the young woman. 

On May 14th, the island’s record system reported around 363 positive cases. As for vaccination numbers, around 1,829 people are completely vaccinated and about 87 citizens have been administered their first dose.   

The government has stated around 47.8% of completely vaccinated population data.

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