According to the Health ministry, May will end as the 2nd month of the year with the highest cases reported of covid-19, with at least 76,000 illnesses (Minsa).

According to the Minsa, 76,187 persons have indeed been diagnosed with the COVID-19 in the first 29 days of May, far more than the 55,224 confirmed cases in February, 9,333 in March, and 11,884 in April.

When Panama was dealing with the fourth wave of the pandemic, January 2022 saw the highest incidence with 204,354. Since the disease arrived in the world in March 2020, the number of reported illnesses has reached an all-time high.

In terms of active cases, there has been a huge increase. It ended on April 30 with 6,066 active cases, but as of May 29, there were 28,740.

95 persons were hospitalised at the end of April, with 84 in the ward and 11 in intensive care. According to the epidemiology data from Sunday, there are 260 people hospitalised, with 221 in the room and 39 in the intensive care unit.

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