Portugal now has about 297 cases of Monkeypox

Discover the latest statistics on Monkeypox in Portugal with 297 cases, as reported by the Directorate-General for Health (DGS). Additional 21 cases have been verified, predominantly affecting men aged 19 to 61. Stay informed about the ongoing examinations and analysis to assess the epidemic on a global and national scale.

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Portugal’s monkeypox count is now 297 as shown in a recently released statistics by the country’s Directorate-General for Health (DGS). 


The information made public by the DGS shows that there are additional 21 verified cases of monkeypox infection. This takes the infection tally to 297. At the moment, all the verified cases are among men within the age bracket of 19 to 61. However, most of the victims are below 40 years. 

Revealing further details on the infection pattern, the DGS said “Doutor Ricardo Jorge of the National Institute of Health (INSA) verified the fresh cases. Cases were also reported in Algarve and North regions.”

Those found to have the virus are undergoing further medical examinations and appear to be doing well and that “data gotten through epidemiological reviews are undergoing further analysis to add to the valuation of the epidemic at international and national level.”

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