Mexico counts out pandemic with a total of 5 Monkeypox cases

Discover the latest news from Mexico regarding Monkeypox with 5 confirmed cases reported. Health officials assure the public that it will not reach pandemic levels like Covid-19. Stay calm amidst the global spread.

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The media has reported a record of a total of 5 Monkeypox cases in Mexico. They claim to have no evidence of it converting to a pandemic level. 

Undersecretary of Prevention and Health Promotion Hugo Lopez-Gatell declared in a press conference that only 4 cases were registered in Mexico City and the fifth one was detected in Jalisco's state where the patient was a resident of the United States and has returned to his home country.

Hugo Lopez-Gatell also stated that at the most they will continue to find few sporadic cases and eventually few outbreaks. He also stated that Monkeypox shall not become any kind of pandemic or a phenomenon like Covid-19. He assured the citizens to maintain calm amidst the global spread of the jungle disease, Monkeypox.

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