In Jersey, Monkeypox is added to the notifiable illnesses list

Jersey adds Monkeypox to notifiable illnesses list. Medical personnel now required to report cases of Monkeypox to the Health Officer. No confirmed cases in Jersey yet. Low risk of contracting Monkeypox in Jersey. Early symptoms include high temperature, swollen glands, and headache.

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In order to make monkeypox, an illness that must be reported in Jersey has been signed off on by the island's Minister of Health.


The decree would add monkeypox to the list of contagious disorders under the Public Health Act (1934).

It means medical personnel is now compelled to alert the Medical Officer of Health should a case be found.

The decision was made after an epidemic of the virus was reported in a number of other nations, one of which was the United Kingdom. At this time, there have been no confirmed cases in Jersey.


Deputy Minister Richard Renouf, who is also the Minister for Health and Social Services, signed the order and stated the following after doing so: "I would want to reassure Islanders that this is a precautionary step and that we do not have any proven cases on Island."

It is also comforting to know that officials from throughout the government are working to make preparations for appropriate response in the event that it becomes necessary."

In Jersey, the illness known as monkeypox has been added to the list of diseases that must be reported. Even while the number of confirmed cases has increased in the UK, the risk of contracting monkeypox in Jersey and the UK is still rather low, and there have been no cases confirmed in Jersey.


"Monkeypox spreads through extremely close contact with someone who has monkeypox or by touch with clothes or linens used by a person who has monkeypox," Professor Peter Bradley, Director of Public Health, stated. "Monkeypox spreads by very close contact with someone who has monkeypox."

The majority of patients make a full recovery within a few weeks; nevertheless, serious sickness may develop in a few persons."

What signs and symptoms do you have if you have monkeypox?


When an infection initially begins to manifest its symptoms, it might take anywhere from five to 21 days for this to happen.

The following are some of the first signs of monkeypox: • a high temperature

• swollen glands • a headache • aches and pains in the muscles and back

• trembling (chills); • extreme fatigue

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