The Sultanate’s Ministry of Health (MoH) monitors global monkeypox reports on a regular basis to ensure that cases are identified, laboratory testing is conducted, and treatment is obtained as needed. Dr Hajah Anie Haryani Abdul Rahman (photo), Acting Deputy Permanent Secretary (Policy and Management), said at the MoH’s daily press briefing on Monday.

Monkeypox is a viral zoonotic disease produced by a specific virus in animals that can be transmitted to people, according to her, and “it is also transmissible by eating monkeypox-infected animals’ flesh.”

Despite the fact that monkeypox was supposed to be more common in Africa, she said that Singapore had only one instance of the disease two years ago.

Experts are perplexed by the recent discovery of over 100 instances, primarily in Europe and North America, despite the fact that these individuals had never visited Africa.

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